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Our Yoga Team 

Dennis - Yoga Teacher - Gentle Yoga - Chair Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga


Pronounced “ray-kee”) … is the Japanese method of promoting healing & relaxation using energy . "Rei" = which means universal -  & "Ki" = which means life force energy.   

It was most recently developed in  1922 by a monk named Mika’s Usui; however its been around for over 2500 years.   It is not based on any religion ~ it is  based on the Eastern belief that vital energy flows through your body -  A Reiki practitioner uses gentle touch or places their hands just above your body to help guide this energy in a way that promotes balance and healing.   It aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks in a similar way to acupuncture or acupressure - without needles or direct touch.  

 The energy goes where its  needed to provide maximum results. It can improve the flow of energy around the body and can enable relaxation, relieve pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms of stress on the body.   

 It can aid in relaxation, assists the body's natural healing processes, and develops emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.  It may induce deep relaxation, helps to provide a coping strategy and improves overall well-being.

It compliments Western Medicine and aids in healing  before, during, and after  surgery resulting in fewer organ transplant rejections, accelerates the healing process, improves mental attitude and reduces the negative effects of medication and other medical procedures, decreases the need for pain medication, improves sleep and appetite, and has no side effects, or contraindications.  It can reduce many of the unwanted side effects of radiation, and chemotherapy including nausea and fatigue.  

  It has been used in  the VA ~ and Reiki is an approved &  accepted treatment for PTSD. 


Dennis ~  brings his Yoga Classes to life with a soft voice that helps you get into the Zen zone of relaxation and peace. His varied approach to Yoga helps, even the beginner, to feel comfortable and included.  You may modify the poses to meet your specific needs and ability. Whether you are experienced or novice ~ you will be pleased with his method of teaching.  Currently teaching Gentle Yoga Vinyasa Yoga & Chair Yoga. Great for the young, and young at heart and those who are seasoned in the experiences of life.  

He is very personable, unassuming, warm & friendly!  You will feel comfortable with his welcoming,, friendly persona. 


Kaylin ~offers her talent and creative skills of Microblading and welcomes you in a most personable, friendly way! She is Certified and a delight to work with in making you look the best you can with beautifully applied skill and expertise!  


Dayna - Certified Massage Therapist - specializes in therapeutic massage utilizing varied techniques that target problem areas from myo-facial release to trigger point release to Joint Articulation for Frozen Shoulder and Frozen Hips -  extensive work with the PSOAS muscle  - releasing this muscle is fundamental in the releasing  pain from Sciatica, numbness in the thigh  muscles  - all the while soothing your body with nurturing, loving, caring energy and the applications of essential oils and many modalities including  Swedish, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi , Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Hot Stone, Myo-fascial Release,  Accupressure, Deep tissue Release,  Pre~Natal,

 Emotional Release with Essential Oils, Rain Drop Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Joint Articulation - 

She continues to take classes to be up to date on all the latest ways to truly affect change in the body.  She is very warm, caring and you will feel at ease and feel very comfortable knowing you are in the care of loving, intuitive hands.

Every massage is tailored to your needs of the day. 

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