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* Swedish - full body treatment 60 Minute ---- 85 *

Use of hands, elbows, forearms massage the body using light to moderate pressure with varied short and long gliding strokes that manipulate the layers of muscles in a direction going back to the heart ... 

the main objective is to improve mental and physical well being ...

* Deep Tissue - 60 Minute -------------------- 85 * 

This can be a varied massage using many techniques true to Swedish massage only with more pressure and really targets problem areas to release tensions in specific muscle groups depending on where the tension is being held... can be combined w varied techniques depending on the evaluation of the client & their comfort level ... myofascial release can be applied and a direct pressure is sustained to maximize the release of that tension in the muscle & connective tissue ...communication is vital as ones pain tolerance varies from client to client

* Swedish - full body treatment 90 Minute --110 *

* Deep Tissue - 90 Minute ------110 *

* Hot Stone Massage - 60 Minute -----85 *

Hot stones are applied to the body with rhythmic motion releasing tension in muscles that hold stresses from exercise or your day at work.... Not recommended if you are pregnant, have hot flashes, are allergic to heated modalities, neuropathy, and some other health conditions

* Lymphatic Drainage Massage - 60 Minute  -----85*

this massage is very light in nature and stimulates your own Lymphatic system to drain accordingly. Particularly great after cosmetic surgery and some cancer treatments, a doctors permission is greatly advised. There are some physical conditions that are contraindications that may apply to your condition - our trained massage therapists will go over this with you in a private consultation to see whether this would possibly be beneficial for you. 

 Pre~Natal Massage - 60 Minute ------85*

This massage is  done sideline - with pillows to support your ever changing body. 

This special time in your life comes with new challenges to your body

 and how it distributes pressure from this new life coming in the world.  This is a very nurturing 

massage is given with only loving, gentle intention for mother and child.  

Deep tissue is not advised for mothers to be. Let your body be 

pampered with  kindness, goodness and mindfulness to further 

forge a better, closer bond & connection  between you and your little bundle of wonder. 

Celebrate this special, beautiful time in your life with the beauty of a gentle touch! 

Your feet and back and your whole body will feel renewed and refreshed after your sideline Mommy massage.


* Couples Massage  -  60 Minute --------185 *

* Couples Massage - 90 Minute --------- 205 *

A simultaneous massage is given to you and your special someone

 in the same room with two tables, two massage therapists, for one unforgettable bonding quality experience ...

 Leaving you both refreshed and renewed


Couples massage only available at the Marysville Location and by appointment only 

* Emotional Release w Essential Oils---130 *

Essential oils have been used for centuries & has tremendous

healing properties & can help to release emotions that we store

in our body... these special oil blends are applied in a specific

order & can help one to restore emotional balance... a series of eight different oils are applied to

 Chakra points on the body and other strategic areas of the body in a certain protocol this  allows the body to 

help release any emotions that are held and perhaps stagnant in the body  .. 

it is

recommended to have this treatment after a massage - 

in this way it prepares

 your body to be in a zen state so that you can truly maximize the benefit of this oil treatment 

* Emotional Release w Essential Oils along with 30 min massage ---150 *

*Rain Drop Therapy Treatment --- 130*

the purpose of this therapy is to bring total balance, a sense of harmony, &  wellness including 

mental, physical, and emotional healing by dripping  8 different essential oils 

in a specific order with a certain protocol over the entire spine and feet using

 reflexology and other massage modality methods 

people have experienced and benefited in these ways - 

soothes inflammation and pain  - eases muscle and respiratory discomfort - 

enhances positive emotions and helps to relieve stress


Rain Drop Therapy combined with a 30 min massage -----150*

*Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage ----

This massage is based on ancient Hawaiian traditions going back centuries - Our Massage Therapist took an authentic 

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi 2 week intensive class from one of the last taught students of  Auntie Margaret!  

For those of you who may not be familiar with Auntie Margaret - she was a beautiful, lovely lady who was

 trained in the ancient art of bodywork Hawaiian style - This is a tradition that has been 

handed down from generation to generation for many, many years.   Auntie Margaret made it possible to share it 

with non-Hawaiians so that all could enjoy its benefits. 

 This is a rhythmic motion of massage -  just as the water moves in the sea, it is applied 

with great intention & tradition to help move the water in your body move as the waves move in the sea.  It is a 

beautiful, flowing dance of movement that will sooth your soul ...let it transport you to

 the islands of ancient history and let  the "aloha" spirit wash

 over you as the waves of the day unwind and send

 you to bask in the healing, wonderful island ways

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi  -------60 Minute *85

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi ----------90 Minute *110

Call or text to schedule your appointment today .....

​530.764.0555 - Marysville 

225 Sixth Street

 Marysville CA  95901

530.263.9923 - Oroville

2858 Ste B Olive Hwy

Oroville CA 95966

530.263.9923 - Brownsville 

8570 Ste A1  LaPorte Road

Brownsville CA 95919

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